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“Solving the Mystery” Book Content

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Another book on low back and neck pain?
  • Chapter 2: Is all back and neck pain alike?
  • Chapter 3: Why is back and neck pain such a big problem?
  • Chapter 4: What is sciatica?
  • Chapter 5: When should I definitely see a doctor?
  • Chapter 6: What will happen if I see my doctor for my back or neck pain?
  • Chapter 7: Shouldn’t I just get an x-ray or MRI to see what’s wrong?
  • Chapter 8: My doctor is excellent and told me what was causing my pain
  • Chapter 9: How can I gain control of my pain?
  • Chapter 10: Solving the mystery of the cause of your back or neck pain
  • Chapter 11: What is rapidly reversible back and neck pain?
  • Chapter 12: Is my pain rapidly reversible?
  • Chapter 13: Wouldn’t my doctor test me to see if my pain is rapidly reversible?
  • Chapter 14: Learning how to turn your own pain off
  • Chapter 15: What is a “mechanical diagnosis”?
  • Chapter 16: What is the anatomic diagnosis for rapidly reversible back pain?
  • Chapter 17: What if I don’t have a rapidly reversible problem?
  • Chapter 18: But I’ve already been to physical therapy and it didn’t help
  • Chapter 19: Should I see a chiropractor for my pain?
  • Chapter 20: How do I find an MDT clinician?
  • Chapter 21: My doctor says I’m depressed and have fears that are preventing my recovery. Could that be true?
  • Chapter 22: How to eliminate and prevent most neck and back pain
  • Chapter 23: Summary: Solving the mystery of your back or neck pain
  • Appendix
  • Glossary of back and neck pain terms
  • Reference
  • Index