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A Most Remarkable Event: Solving Low Back and Neck Pain Around the World

This past weekend was spent in San Francisco attending the 14th International Conference of The McKenzie Institute International. The 500 attendees came from every U.S. state, all across Canada, as well as 28 other countries on every continent. It was also remarkable that nearly every attendee was highly-trained in the methods of musculoskeletal care calledContinue Reading

Shared Decision-Making for Low Back Pain: Are Patients’ Best Interests Being Served?

Shared decision-making (SDM) is a tool intended to improve healthcare delivery by helping patients make better choices about their care. The utility of SDM is best achieved in those healthcare domains where a diagnosis cannot be made with sufficient precision to identify a standardized effective treatment. When treatment options are as diverse as surgery andContinue Reading

Non-Specific Low Back Pain: An Elephant Examined by Blind Men?

Spine surgeon Dr. Michael Klein insightfully posted on the North American Spine Society’s “Spine-Connect” email chatroom recently that spine care resembles John Godfrey Saxe’s “The Blind Men and the Elephant” where each blind man examines a different part of the elephant. One declares it to be a rope, another a wall, another a tree, or aContinue Reading

Sports and Spine Surgery: Similar?

I follow several online chatrooms related to spine care. In one recent chat with a group of spine specialists, one surgeon likened himself and all spine surgeons to professional athletes, with remarkable skills who all use their talents differently as they strive to excel in their sport. He was attempting to compare those athletes to spineContinue Reading

Which Spine Surgeries Are Unnecessary?

It is commonly reported that as many as 50% of spine surgeries are unnecessary. That percentage is determined indirectly by noting the high variation in surgery rates across different U.S. locations and by comparing the U.S. with other country’s rates. Of course, the real challenge and obvious solution is to find a way BEFORE THEContinue Reading

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Asking the right questions is key to solving any difficult problem. For those struggling with low back or neck pain, here are two important ones to ponder: 1.     If there was a way you could rapidly and easily eliminate your own pain and then keep it from returning, would you want to know more aboutContinue Reading

Reaching International Family Physicians With The MDT Story

During my many years of advocating for Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) for the care of painful spinal disorders, one of my major efforts has been to educate physicians about MDT using many different formats. I’ve spoken at many conferences and spine societies, taught workshops and courses, published research, written many overview articles, and authoredContinue Reading

Enlightening Primary Care Providers about MDT

After considerable planning and effort, I was very pleased to have led our first and very successful “MDT-Awareness” webinar for primary care providers (PCPs) this past week. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering four solid hours of content to a very engaged audience. At the outset, we discussed how commonly painful spinal and other musculoskeletal disorders presentContinue Reading

An “MDT-Awareness” Program for Primary Care Providers

For all MDT clinicians worldwide: I was in Miami this past weekend at the McK Conference of the Americas. It was a marvelous conference, great speakers and workshops, and an opportunity to see many old friends and make brand new ones from all over the world. At the conference, SelfCare First distributed a flyer about itsContinue Reading

Globally Spreading MDT and Its Literature Support in Unique Settings

I have many opportunities to speak about the Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) paradigm and its literature support. But recently, I’ve had some unique, very worthwhile, and pleasurable presentations. Last month, I traveled to Helsinki, Finland at the invitation of Dr. Harri Hamalainen, the Chair of the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehab in Helsinki’sContinue Reading