About “Solving the Mystery”

“Solving the Mystery” spreads the good news that an inexpensive and rapid solution can be identified for most with back and neck pain. Many studies document that a unique form of clinical evaluation reveals that the true anatomic cause does not need identification in order to directly and rapidly correct it.Too many are not being offered this evaluation before undergoing unnecessary, risky, and expensive treatments, including imaging, injections, and surgery. Employers and health plans are heavily overpaying for this unneeded care and unnecessary lost work time.

Finally, a book that asks and answers the right questions that helps solve the mystery of most back and neck pain.


“This great little book answers questions I get asked every day!” Audrey Long, P.T., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“It deals very effectively and succinctly with the issues that come up with nearly every patient I see.” Robert Medcalf, P.T., Atlanta, GA

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