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Reaching International Family Physicians With The MDT Story

During my many years of advocating for Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) for the care of painful spinal disorders, one of my major efforts has been to educate physicians about MDT using many different formats. I’ve spoken at many conferences and spine societies, taught workshops and courses, published research, written many overview articles, and authored two books about MDT, all with the primary focus of enlightening physicians about the benefits of MDT.

lastpuzzlepieceI have recently begun to utilize the internet to present webinars that inform primary care-givers of all types about MDT and its benefits to their patients, themselves, and their practice. Webinars provide the opportunity for low-cost international teaching with flexibility to fit into many different time zones and attendee formats.

For example, I recently presented a three-hour live Sat. afternoon webinar as part of a Czech Republic conference of physicians. The webinar platform and the translation into the Czech language went very well. We had excellent questions at the close from the group of 35 physicians. The organizers have reported very positive feedback from both the MDTs and physicians who attended. Eva Novakova, the head of the Czech MDT branch, added that this webinar presentation should be utilized to reach physicians in all MII countries.

Indeed, other countries have already inquired about presenting these webinars for their general practitioners. I’ve presented many courses and workshops directly to primary care physicians around the world over many years and they have always been very well-recieved and effective. But we need a much broader effort to reach them about the high value of teaming with their local MDT practitioners to provide high-quality, low-cost spinal and musculoskeletal care for their patients.


You may wish to add a banner and link to your website as a tool to attract your local physicians to attend this webinar. Inquire at info@selfcarefirst.com

There has also been interest in presenting this MDT material to spine surgeons using this webinar format. The emphasis would be on helping surgeons make their patient selection for surgery much more precise and efficient, including avoiding unnecessary surgery, all while improving surgical outcomes by justifying selective early surgeries.

The next two webinars are scheduled on Fridays at 1PM ET on Dec. 16 and Jan. 6, 2017. MDTs can find help in inviting their local physicians as well as access some helpful tools by clicking here.

If you prefer, you may also simply provide your physicians with this link that enables them to immediately view a free series of four short videos that will introduce them to MDT and enable them to register for an upcoming webinar.

If you have questions about scheduling a webinar in your time zone and clinical setting, inquiries are welcomed and best sent to me directly at donelson@selfcarefirst.com.

MDT is so important to so many worldwide who suffer from painful spinal and musculoskeletal disorders and then get sent down a pathway of either ineffective conservative or even unnecessary surgical care. Reaching out to primary care practitioners of all types can begin to transform this care internationally.

As always, please share your thoughts as well as pose any questions that come to mind.



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