"SelfCare First works to improve people's ability to rapidly recover from their musculoskeletal or spinal disorder using self-care."

What is “rapidly reversible low back pain” and how common is it?

“Rapidly reversible low back (or neck) pain” means the underlying problem is capable of recovering quickly and easily. Such recoveries require simple-yet-precise pain-eliminating exercises that can only be identified for each individual by a unique form of low back (or neck) assessment.

The really good news is that numerous published studies report that up to 89% of acute (recent onset) low back (or neck) pain is “rapidly reversible”. The bad news is that most doctors, therapists, chiropractors and insurance companies do not yet realize this, largely because they are unfamiliar with the lo-tech, inexpensive assessment needed to reveal a rapidly reversible low back (or neck) problem.

What could possibly be more reassuring that your problem is not serious than learning how to easily and quickly eliminate your own pain with a simple exercise?

Of course these rapid recoveries also eliminate any need for standard physical therapy or chiropractic care, x-rays, MRIs, medications (opiates!!), and certainly no need for any injections or surgery.

Several other studies report that even 50% of chronic low back pain is also rapidly reversible, even though the pain has persisted for weeks, months, or even years, and despite many other ineffective treatments. A rapidly reversible condition that is never identified and properly treated, will often not respond to other forms of treatment, resulting in unnecessary suffering, disability, and great cost.

Are you facing disc surgery?

Far too many low back (and neck) pain sufferers undergo unnecessary surgery because they were never provided the opportunity to be properly assessed to see if their problem could still be rapidly reversed. Even at the point when surgery has been recommended, at least three published studies report that the underlying problem is reversible and can still be quickly resolved, usually with simple exercises, with absolutely no need for surgery.

So whether your low back (or neck) pain is acute or chronic, whether or not it has spread down your arm or leg, or even if you’re being told you need surgery, if you seek and undergo the right kind of assessment (follow the links below) and your problem is found to be “rapidly reversible”, recovery is predictably quick, easy, and long-lasting. There is no longer any need for surgery.

So the excellent news is that rapidly reversible low back (and neck) pain is very common. This is very important news to: 1- everyone with low back or neck pain: 2 – all doctors and therapists intent on helping their patients recover quickly and exit the health care system; and 3- all employers and health plans that routinely overpay for unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

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