"You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could or should do for themselves" - Abraham Lincoln

Attention MDT Providers:

Would you like some help informing your local primary care providers (PCPs) about MDT and your practice? More specifically, would you like to have your PCPs spend time with Dr. Donelson…..at no cost to you? We consider PCPs to include family physicians, internists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pediatricians, urgent care and emergency physicians, and OB/gynecologists.

To help build your referral base, Self-Care First has created an “MDT-Awareness Program” to inform PCPs of all types about the benefits of teaming with MDT providers to improve the management of their patients with painful low back, neck, and extremity disorders.

Instead of requiring the considerable expense and time of having Dr. Donelson come to you to speak to your local physicians, or for your physicians to travel to some conference to hear him speak for a few minutes, this program puts him directly in front of them for four hours, LIVE, to tell them about MDT, its extensive evidence, your MDT expertise, and to answer their questions.

Briefly, the program starts with a free introductory video that you can provide for your PCPs in which Dr. Donelson introduces them to MDT and the significant benefits of them partnering with you so they can avoid prescribing opiates, ordering MRIs, prolonged and ineffective P.T., or referring to specialists for risky, expensive procedures. This short video is intended to stimulate their interest in attending a LIVE four-hour webinar entitled “Transforming Primary Low Back and Neck Pain Care: How a Team-Based Model Can Create Time, Quality, and Revenue in Your Practice”.

The webinar has been approved for four-hours of continuing education credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Other countries may have reciprocity that they would need to investigate.

They’ll also receive a free white paper written by Dr. Donelson entitled: “Pain Elimination Without a Prescription” as well as the opportunity to join SCF’s private PCP Facebook group called “Primary Team-Based Spine Care”. Here they’ll be able to continue to access Dr. Donelson, his guest experts, as well as network with one another to discuss relevant topics and studies. The greater goal is to build an international community of PCPs with a common vision of collectively influencing the transformation of spine and musculoskeletal care from its current specialist-dominated model.

To assist you in first reaching and then tracking your local PCPs’ participation, we’re pleased to provide you with FREE access to a number of tools and your own personal dashboard where you can follow your individual PCPs’ progress through the program. To receive your log-in access to your dashboard and these tools, simply sign-up by clicking here. Again, It’s a free service to you.

We hope you’ll explore this excellent opportunity for your PCPs to spend quality time with Dr. Donelson.  We look forward to helping you build these relationships.