"You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could or should do for themselves" - Abraham Lincoln

Attention Primary Care Providers

What if there was a way for you to help most of your low back and neck pain patients recover quickly and easily with no need for medications, MRIs, prolonged physical therapy or chiropractic care, or specialist referral?

Well, read on…..because there is!!

One of SelfCare First’s primary objectives is to help primary care providers (PCPs) improve the quality of their management of low back pain, neck pain, and most painful musculoskeletal disorders. PCPs include family physicians, internists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pediatricians, urgent care and emergency physicians, and gynecologists.

So what’s the fundamental challenge in treating these disorders?

Since we simply don’t know what causes most low back and neck pain, most treatments are therefore misdirected and very often ineffective. Consequently, recoveries are very slow and, too often, don’t occur.

BUT, there is a way to deliver quick and easy recoveries!

There is now a game-changing solution for most patients based on the most important discovery ever in the field of spinal pain. That discovery provided tremendous understanding of the mechanisms of these painful disorders, including that most pain-generators can recover rapidly and easily with the correct treatment. For most, we can now avoid medicalizing these very common and simple problems and treat them within the domain of primary care.

This discovery, and the robust documentation that most can recover using self-care, is unfortunately still unknown to most PCPs. That’s largely because that evidence has only been published in spine specialty journals rarely read by PCPs. Further, the belief systems and financial priorities of spine specialists, both surgical and non-surgical, and guideline panels have resisted the disruption caused by this information.

This excellent model of care is best delivered by teaming PCPs with clinicians well-trained in the spinal and musculoskeletal management methods known as “Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy”, or MDT. The merits of this team-based model are almost irresistible.

To learn more:

Every primary care provider should watch an informative series of four 5-minute videos in which Dr. Ron Donelson explains the importance and value of this model. He then offers an online educational webinar entitled “Transforming Primary Low Back and Neck Pain Care: How a Team-Based Model Can Create Time, Quality, and Revenue.” It has been approved for Prescribed credit by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

For your patients’ sake at least, click here to access this free video series and also receive Dr. Donelson’s white paper entitled: “Pain Relief Without a Prescription”.