"You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could or should do for themselves" - Abraham Lincoln

Attention Back and Neck Pain Sufferers

For every 100 people with the recent onset of back or neck pain, 80 to 90 likely have a rapidly reversible condition. That means their problem can be corrected quite easily and quickly so they can get back to their work and leisure activities in comfort.

Such high numbers have been shown in at least ten published studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. This is true for people of all ages, whether the pain is confined to your neck or back, or it spreads all the way down your arm or leg.

But even if you’ve had your pain for many months or years, there is still an excellent possibility that it is rapidly reversible. However, it will only reverse if the right things are done.

It’s important to understand that you could have a rapidly reversible back or neck problem that isn’t reversing despite your and your doctor’s attempts to find effective treatment. That’s because reversing it often requires a precise reversal process that can only be identified by a special, inexpensive assessment that uses simple but precise tests that determine how your body movements and positions affect your pain. And that reversal process is not the same for everyone. But once identified, after some simple instructions and education, you can not only reverse your own problem and go on to full recovery, you will know how to prevent future back or neck pain episodes as well.

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